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Afternoon workshops - part 2

Skia 3 years ago
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workshops/5 - 10 git problems/

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# 10 Git problems
"Submodules are tricky anyway"
Cancel a rebase: `ORIG_HEAD`
## Personal feedback
Well made exercises, and good explanations. All the content is in the repo, with
all the solutions, and tiny scripts to reset everything to any state and start
the exercises again, that's great.

workshops/6 - Git Workflows/

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# Git workflows
- Not about CI/CD
- Not about releases
- Not about Agile
- Not about storing artifacts
- READ "The Science of DevOps"!
- Interactive survey about pains and awesomeness in git (
## Git flow
- Atlassian's blog post
- He thinks it's too complex
- Lot of trolls
- Pros: old enough: many tools support it, well defined
- Cons: complex, a bit old
## Centralized git workflow
- push to master
- need to be extremely disciplined
- Pros: simple, trivial, nooverhead
- Cons: no gate, lockstep, broken master, no isolation of work
- It's the wild west
## Git common-flow, pull-request workflow, merge-request workflow
- Lot of changes merging on master at once
- Painful to maintain long-lived branches
- Gatekeeper
- Lot of collaboration
- Pros: simpleish, master is protected, ubiquitous, flexible
- Cons: Non-atomic, many PR hanging, someone is a full-time gatekeeper
## Git phlow
- Praqma's workflow
- Basically PR-workflow, but with a bot that tracks some specially named
branches, test them, and if it works, merge them
- Lot of automation
## Submodules, subtree, subrepos
- Try to avoid them, it's complicated
## Take aways
- The robots are coming, help them
- Take the easy path, not the blocked one
- Humans vs processes
- Make it real
- Keep it simple
## Q/A
- pair programming instead of code review
- don't make a human catch what a robot could catch
- architecture, design, can not be catch by a bot, but should be handled from
the very beginning
- concerns can be raised on master, after the merge, then fixed more quickly
## Personal feedback
Funny guy, very interactive workshop, lot of pros and cons. This is the guy we
need to talk with about Octopus and our submodules.