44 Commits (77b358a1807e9d834afbb975c6e0bbaafdbd67e8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Skia 77b358a180 Clean up garbage latex files 5 years ago
smagnin ae15ba27ce Final PDF 5 years ago
smagnin d74734b41d Merge branch 'sarl' of git.libskia.so:skia/VI51 into sarl 5 years ago
Skia 72f3b6c4f4 Update report, and still some proba values 5 years ago
smagnin 1f884a9be4 Correct mistakes in report and write a proper conclusion 5 years ago
Skia a82710f854 Some improvement on the proba values 5 years ago
smagnin 64573af709 Report mainly done 5 years ago
smagnin 6b4ea316fc Rename program 5 years ago
smagnin 450ea2b6f1 Not only one entry but four 5 years ago
smagnin d10e33ee0c Merge branch 'sarl' of git.libskia.so:skia/VI51 into sarl 5 years ago
Skia 6f8500985d Small values updates 5 years ago
Skia 0a5495f982 Fix social force, plus improve World 5 years ago
smagnin 68fd1228ab Merge branch 'sarl' of git.libskia.so:skia/VI51 into sarl 5 years ago
smagnin 69ac0cbb95 Add stuff in report 5 years ago
Skia 75b36142c9 Improve UI and add support for different musical tastes 5 years ago
Skia 93f8b1c3bc Fix movement bugs, still need to improve the social forces 5 years ago
Skia 9c09a31ed9 Fix getNearestPointFrom 5 years ago
Skia e8b61160f0 Update perception fields 5 years ago
Skia 66cc5b51c4 Set some code part synchronized 5 years ago
Skia d28b193a7d Add basic collision handling 5 years ago
Skia 8ee63ac997 Display world objects 5 years ago
smagnin fbe1d4bb0c Add the report to the project 5 years ago
smagnin afcc6e7760 avoid wandering, which was adding with the commit for avoiding queue in front of scene 5 years ago
Skia 338c5631cb Improve queue system, but still buggy (see WTF comment) 5 years ago
smagnin 8d3dbda580 Avoid queue in front of scene 5 years ago
Skia ab2684389f Add buggy waiting queue system 5 years ago
Skia 3fdba911b3 Implement drunkness 5 years ago
Skia fb468d11b4 Improve guy behavior 5 years ago
Skia d44094c934 Add a buggy state machine with music, drink, and pee needs 5 years ago
Skia d5821e1613 Improve behavior to reach music and toilets 5 years ago
Skia 05d39571f4 Add StageObject and add state machine into agent 5 years ago
Skia 8cc738aa2e Split code into function and rename FISH to GUY 5 years ago
smagnin f545db8209 Remove .classpath from the repo 5 years ago
Skia f45d565241 Clean up repo 5 years ago
Skia 0b5b1b759d Small fix (le gaulois) 5 years ago
Skia 0d1182404b Add SARL project with Guy 5 years ago
Skia 98ae4e3f33 Apocalypse 5 years ago
zephyr ff0aebb56a circle collision ok 5 years ago
zephyr 5ced960a4f GUI Corrected 5 years ago
zephyr 3bdde2118e circle collision 5 years ago
zephyr d06e1f3a58 add GUI 5 years ago
zephyr d9fa2f19fc add function collision from environment/worldObject/MovableObject.java 5 years ago
zephyr f4280d69cf structure of simulator 5 years ago
Skia 2d84f44caa initial commit 5 years ago